Sunday, August 19, 2007

McDonald's: In-Store Hygiene

Here is an example of a long-outdated practice that is (sadly) still in effect today in some locations.

The McChronicles dropped into a McDonald's in Shanghai, China yesterday and saw something that it has reported on before. We remain dismayed to see unprotected (no paper wrapper) straws being dispensed from a box.

While waiting for our order, The McChronicles observed customers dispensing bare straws, getting too many, rolling them out onto the counter, putting some back, etc. We pity the next customer in line.

The McChronicles hopes that McDonald's can invest in hygiene and institute wrapped straws throughout China.

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Image: The McChronicles.


Kai B. said...

In Germany aren´t any wrapped straws, sometimes you can see the kids playing with them.
I know it´s not environment friendly to offer wrapped straws, but hygiene should be first.

I wonder what it´s like in other European Countryies?

Anonymous said...

I think the situation varies from store to store. I know in all the McDonald's I've seen in Europe (and there have been plenty, including in Germany) they all have had wrapped straws

Kai B. said...

That´s something new to me, in my Hometown there are six McDonald´s that don´t have wrapped straws. I never saw any wrapped Straws in Germany either, maybe you´v been to an airport McDonalds?
Kids do weird stuff with the Straws, so i would like to have wrapped straws :-)

Jacqui said...

i live in Australia and I've never seen wrapped straws in any of the Macdonald's here. doesn't really bother me though, i figure my immune system's strong enough to take it and would rather not have that huge waste of paper.


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