Wednesday, May 10, 2006

McKroes McPicture Blog

The McChronicles doesn't know much about this topic, but we do know enough to be intrigued.

Okay - here's how it all came together. First we encountered some really interesting images on our Flickr photo bar (left-hand side of this blog) from a cat named McKroes. We went to their Flickr site and found they had a lot of cool images of McDonald's in Europe. So we posted about them.

Then, we heard (from good McChronicles friend Jan-Willem) that McKroes had recently started a blog to accompany their Flickr McDonald's image site. So, we checked out the
McKroes McDonald's Picture Blog. According to info on the blog, McKroes is from The Netherlands and they have an obsession with learning of, locating, visiting, photographing, and Flickring McDonald's restaurants. Talk about cool! And we also took notice of their interesting color and layout selection - they look like a sister site to The McChronicles - yup.

The McChronicles has had a small number of encounters with McKroes recently, and we find them to be very friendly. Their maniacal focus on collecting McDonald's images only makes us love them more. The McChronicles encourages EVERYONE to support McKroes efforts. Send them your list of favorite locations, help them reach the store to take the photo, and tell your friends about their blog.

The McChronicles: A blog about, not affiliated with, McDonald's.
Image: McKroes Screen Grab.

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McKroes is just one person ;)