Thursday, April 27, 2006


Flickr is a great photo sharing tool. People use it for many purposes. One cool way that The McChronicles has seen it used is to share and enjoy images of various McDonald's restaurant designs.

The person behind this is named mckroes, and we suggest you check out their interesting collection of McDonald's store images. Most images are of stores in Europe, particularly The Netherlands (a truly beautiful country and people).

mckroes says, "McDonald's isn't all the same. Every McDonald's is unique in it's own way." The McChronicles shares this level of appreciation. Thanks mckroes!

A smaller but more international collection of McDonald's photos appears in francoishavard35's Flickr account. The McChronicles enjoys the comments on this site (not to mention the exotic locations, like Marrakesh and Paris) .

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Image: mckroes Flickr account.


mckroes said...

Thanks for loving my McPictures!

Fran├žois said...

Thank you for loving my pictures too!!!!I'm really proud to appear in your site!!!!
Fran├žois from Rennes - FRANCE

jan-willem said...

The restaurant on the bottom right hand corner was my old restaurant before I sold it to McDonald´s