Wednesday, May 10, 2006

McDonald's Ring Tone Offer

One of the coolest fast food people known to The McChronicles is a man named Jan-Willem. He is a multi-store fast food restaurant owner in Europe - and he's up on most everything in the world.

Jan-Willem tipped us off to McDonald's mobile phone ring tone and wallpaper website. Based on our testing, it seems to be free and easy. You simply submit an image to their image library, then receive a free ring tone or wallpaper (limit 1 per phone number). The McChronicles chose the McDonald's "I'm Lovin' It" jingle (of course).

In addition to offering up modern ring tones, you can even score a coupon for free fries, right on your mobile device.

But that's not all ... you can even click a link that takes you to an online game called SHARK BAIT. High scores are posted on the site.

This whole site is great for the e-crowd. The McChronicles recommends you take a look.
Thanks Jan-Willem, you're great!

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Image: McDonald's website screen grab.

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jan-willem boot said...

My pleasure to contribute as always Rick! Did you get my email about the McDonald's podcasts by the way? The guy who makes al the McDonald's restaurant pictures on Flickr, McKroes has now also started his own weblog:
Perhaps you can give him a plug ;-)