Monday, May 15, 2006

Upper West Side McDonald's

"Slice" (Flickr name) took these beautiful McDonald's images on Manhattan's Upper West Side (top) and in Chinatown (bottom). And he did so, "With McChronicles in mind"!

We dig these photos for so many reasons, including:
  • unique McDonald's facades
  • reference to the rare McVeggie Burger in UWS window
  • the colors, lighting, & composition
  • a friend shared them with us
  • a friend took them with The McChronicles in mind
  • the juxtaposition of the apartment building, the Dunkin' Donuts, et al
  • the crazy Chinatown excitement is captured nicely

"Slice" (quoting his Flickr profile) is Adam Kuban, "Editor & Publisher of both Slice, America's Favorite Pizza Weblog, and A Hamburger Today, a burger blog. Also blogs on food in general at Bite by Byte."

The McChronicles has loved A Hamburger Today as long as there has been a McChronicles. Excellent writing, creativity, fun, passion, and more await you should you venture on over there (and you should).

These images remind us that, while McDonald's derives great utility from a cookie-cutter approach, they also offer up a pretty wide range of unique settings, decor, and experiences. The McChronicles always gets excited when entering a unique McDonald's store.

Thanks for thinking of us Adam. We hope to visit these McDonald's over the summer.

The McChronicles: A blog about, not affiliated with, McDonald's.

Images: Slice (Flickr)


Slice said...

Hey, McChronicles. Glad you liked the photos. I'm only sorry I'm discovering them on your site so late after you posted them. (It's been a long, busy summer.)

It's nice to hear why you liked them, sort of like seeing the pix through a new set of eyes. When I first moved to NYC, it amazed me to see McDonald's (or any other fast food chain) in an urban setting -- I was so used to seeing them in the stand-alone drive-thru context of my suburban upbringing.

I've been slacking lately, and I'll pick up the pace as far as photographing NYC McD's for you.

Chris Thilk said...

Hey McChronicles,
I work for the PR agency MWW Group which represents McDonald's. I'd love to get in touch with you and make myself available as a resource for you if you ever have any questions. Drop me a line at chris(at)mww(dot)com if you'd like to chat.

There are some cool events and promotions coming up in New York and New Jersey that I think you'd be interested in.