Friday, May 05, 2006


The McDonald's customer has been "sold" a clean, sparkling restaurant since the beginning. Whether it is a print ad or a TV commercial - one of the highlights of the McDonald's experience (as promoted) is cleanliness. Rightly so, we say. Cleanliness is a critical part of any dining experience. And this is true whether an order is "for here" or "to take out". The wrappers, bags, napkins, etc. are all a part of the experience.

That said, The McChronicles dropped by the Clinton, NY McDonald's recently for a relaxing lunch. Immediately upon entering the store it hit us ... the place was really clean. The biggest impact came from that long stainless steel counter. Empty except for the cash registers, sparkling, ... CLEAN! No kidding - it really made an impact.

Why? Because, too many times, a McDonald's floor is a bit dirty, there are things stacked and stored on the counters, and there is litter laying around.

We were sold the whole cleanliness thing. We bought it. We want it. We expect it. And it is really nice to receive it. Thanks Clinton.

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imnottellyou said...

u talk soooo much shit, i found a hair in my food when i had no other choice but to get lunch in mcdonalds and i have moved my lunches to burger knig if im really need to.

Anonymous said...

I REALLY find that hard to believe... Doesn't mean it's not true I just don't think it's right.