Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Winter Haven, Florida McDonald's Re-Arched

Whenever the actual "Golden Arches" are involved, it is really cool. A friend of The McChronicles files this exciting report:

The local McDonald's was just rebuilt and they were putting up the arches today... the store opened tonight and when I drove by they were
missing part of one of the arches.

The local owner has always been very progressive, i.e. he had touch screen ordering for at least 4+ years and they use wireless handhelds to take orders in the drive-thru. Like I said, they demolished the old store and built this new one. I think total turnaround was about a month. The location is at the corner of 9th ST SE and Cypress Garden Blvd., Winter Haven, FL.

Exciting, indeed. Is there anything quite like a newly-opened McDonald's? We'd love to see some photos of the opening ceremony, of the interior.

Thanks for the report!

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Image: Courtesy of
Hyku (more images on his site)

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