Monday, December 05, 2005

McDonald's Blog Reports Service Is Too Slow

The McChronicles has been plagued by frequent "slow service" experiences while visiting McDonald's. Today is a good example.

With only three customers ahead of us, and with an apparent full crew on duty, it took way too long to get served. Here's how it played out:
  • Store: #825, New Hartford, NY, USA
  • Time: 1:35PM
  • Order: Big Mac Value Meal, regular, for inside
  • Line Wait: 3.5 minutes (that's too long, but it depends on the people in line)
  • Order Wait: 3.5 minutes (too long, no excuse, it's all up to the crew/system)
  • Quality: Very good
  • Cleanliness: Winter mud in the order area, some tables dirty. Otherwise very nice.

7 minutes is just way too long to wait for a simple order - especially when it is evident that there is no big demand on the crew. The term "painfully obvious" comes to mind as people queue up, McShuffled, awaiting their food as not much happens. Something is wrong.

Strangely, the crew sure looked busy. And this store has a very professional and dedicated crew (that's been proven repeatedly). We guess there is just something wrong with the system.

This is EXACTLY the kind of systemic issue that, over time, really damages a brand.

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Anonymous said...

Same here in Germany in the area of Frankfurt.
If you are interested in more about German McDonalds, look at the Blog of October 16, i posted a longer comment on this.

Kai Barthel