Monday, December 05, 2005

McDonald's Bloggers Fear For Safety

Last winter The McChronicles blogged about the safety conditions outside of the New Hartford, NY McDonald's. This year looks to be a repeat of the same situation. We literally take extra care when visiting this store.

Here is an image taken today at lunch time. It hadn't snowed for about 24 hours, and it was partly-sunny and warm all morning. At the time of this image it was about 36F (and had been above freezing for a couple of hours).

McDonald's should do what countless old ladies and jr. high school-aged kids do at this time of the year - grab a shovel, a scraper, some salt and show some pride.

Here we have the moment of truth - a customer buys into the promotional stream, decides to purchase from the business, drives there, and is faced with a really low-class and dangerous environment. So, at first glance, just what kind of place are we visiting?

Admittedly, today's conditions aren't REALLY bad (we've seen it much worse). But many customers MUST walk over this ice. The real point is this: we all know that winter is here. Ice always builds up near this door. Customers hate risking their safety as they struggle to grab a quick lunch. So, please deal with this chronic situation. If not for the sake of the McDonald's brand, but for the sake of your customers and crew.

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