Friday, December 09, 2005

McDonald's Crew: Behind The Scenes

For those who think that the McDonald's crews of the world are not into their jobs, please take a look at the "McDonald's Talk" community in LiveJournal.

According the the site's Community Information page, "Anybody who has had an encounter with the McDonald's Corporation, whether as an employee or a customer, is invited to comment in this community. This community was started as a place for both workers and customers to gripe about McDonald's, but some positive input is welcome, too." Sounds a bit heavy on the "griping" side - and the founder even created an "i'm hatin' it" logo for the community.

Interestingly, the members (most of whom seem to be active McDonald's employees) have taken this site quite positive. In it you will see people complaining a little, sharing ideas, having fun, verifying rules & regulations, and CARING. Face it, if these 166 people didn't care, they could easily find better things to do with their lives than chat about McDonald's in their free time.

One chat thread involves various widely-scattered crew members supporting and guiding another crew member as they approach a serious and important inspection (most don't know each other). This is clearly NOT the work of people who don't care. In this thread we witness pride of ownership, the spirit of togetherness and teamwork, and great care for the company, coworkers, and customers.

What a refreshing glimpse into the side of McDonald's that will NEVER receive any media coverage - the positive side. It feels great to know that these dedicated crew members really care.


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Image: LiveJournal website.

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