Tuesday, December 13, 2005

McDonald's Opens First Drive-Thru In China

Great news on PRNewsWire.com:

"McDonald's celebrates 15th anniversary in China DONGGUAN, Guangdong, China, Dec. 10"

"McDonald's China today announced the official Grand Opening of its first Drive-Thru restaurant in China. The all new 645 square meter McDonald's Drive-Thru is located in heart of the central business district of Dongguan Guangdong Province. With over 50 parking spaces and many new features it represents the next generation of McDonald's restaurants in China, providing customers with an entirely new and exciting dining experience."


The McChronicles has spent a fair amount of time visiting McDonald's in China. This is a big deal. ANYTHING with 50 parking spaces is a big deal in China. We plan to visit there in the next few months to experience this awesome new McDonald's.

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bertelle said...

Hi everyone,

This article is very interesting.
You can find the whole list of international McDonalds fast-foods restaurants at http://www.fast-foods-restaurants.com/ .
I will take more time now to read the others posts of this definitively interestant blog.

Thanks and good lunch/dinner :-)