Wednesday, August 24, 2005

A Work Of Art, In Clay

A McChronicles team paid a visit to the Clay, NY McDonald's and had a great experience. Beautiful woodwork, metal accents, ceramic (marble-like) tiles, a "reading room"-like area, and flat-panel TVs are offered in hopes of making this experience one to blog about. We were particularly impressed by the very clean and well-appointed rest room facilities.

We weren't quite able to determine the proper description for the motif ... is it Victorian? Art Deco? Or what? We're the first to admit that we're not up to this task. Whatever it is, we like it. Interestingly, this site is in the final throes of reimaging (some scaffolding can be seen in the image above). The work appears to be non-intrusive into the diners' experience - it didn't bother our team one bit.

The food was above average - quite tasty and well-presented - while the service was average.

We couldn't resist offering this rest room image - to inspire other McDonald's to rise to the challenge.

All photos: The McChronicles

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