Friday, August 12, 2005

On The Right Track

The McChronicles has noted an increased emphasis on general cleanliness at the New Hartford, NY McDonald's. The key ingredient in this effort, of course, is the general awareness of, and emphasis on, improved cleanliness. ATTITUDE is everything - and it is showing in New Hartford.

Image: New Hartford, NY Interior

It is being backed up by a newly-added, dedicated clean-up person who is now seen patrolling the dining area. Customers LOVE clean tables, tidy condiment areas, and ready trash bins. During peak times things can get messy and the bins can get crammed full. This new person, who is seen at the store during the lunch shift, promises to make all those annoyances (turn-offs) a thing of the past. As frequent diners, we certainly hope that this occurs.

In addition, we have noticed additional crew members tidying up in their spare time. It seems that this store has upped their emphasis on cleanliness - and we appreciate the respect.

We would prefer if the dedicated clean-up person dressed like the rest of the crew. We have noted a few reactions from diners who thought a customer was rearranging the condiments and tidying up (that was our reaction when we first encountered this person - and it feels weird thinking that a customer is performing these duties unofficially). The uniform is a signal to us that a bona fide employee is on the job.

THANK YOU, New Hartford, for respecting your customers by providing a cleaner, more orderly dining room.

PS: Wipe down the window sills. Certain things have been there for weeks.

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