Thursday, August 18, 2005

Special McD's

The McChronicles noted (in the Flick'r image section in our left-hand column) a beautiflu BISTRO McDonald's, reportedly in Del Mar, California. It reminded us of a really snazzy McDonald's we investigated in Naples, Florida. Though different, they both delivered a relatively high-end, classy experience.

This image (posted on Flick'r) depicts stained and art deco glass treatments, as well as period tile flooring and interesting accents. The Naples restaurant offered up a very inviting "living room" experience, complete with couches, end tables, a fireplace and a wide-screen LCD TV.

We appreciate that "reimaging" is expensive, disruptive, and risky (on a financial basis). But we certainly enjoy eating in an attractive and inviting atmosphere. Kudos and "thanks" to those sites than are able to offer this ambiance.

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Jan-Willem said...

It always amazes me why most european McDonald's an BK restaurants look so much better than those in the US?