Friday, August 26, 2005

Focus On South Utica

A focus group of twenty-something males met at the South Utica (Utica), Genesee St., NY, USA restaurant (store #18030) for lunch today. Here is the consensus:

  • Quality: The food was warm and good. One young man was stunned to see how small the cheese was on his filet-o-fish. We chalk that up to his unawareness, not to a local issue.
  • Service: Quick. The crew was neutral to friendly.
  • Cleanliness: It was well-after 1PM on a Friday, still, the customers just kept coming. The tables were a bit untidy, and the floor didn't appear to have been swept since before the lunch rush started. We did note a girl tidying up at around 2PM.

This store has a GREAT location, and it offers a bright, relaxing dining room, complete with a fish tank (previously posted). As is the case with many other stores, we would like to see an increased emphasis on cleanliness, both in the dining room and behind the counter.

During this visit we noticed the owner breeze in for a quick check, and to grab some lunch. Additionally, The McChronicles was very happy to donate to the epilepsy fund raiser that was being staged at this store.

The South Utica store is so close to being great - just a bit more to go.

Image: McChronicles

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