Friday, August 05, 2005

New China McDonald's Planned

According to a report by Forbes' online news service:

AFX News Limited
McDonald's, KFC to open hundreds of new outlets in China this year
SHANGHAI (AFX) - KFC's and McDonald's China operations are planning to open hundreds of new restaurants this year, the National Business Daily said. The report said McDonald's China is planning to open at least 100 new outlets in a bid to boost profits after an 'unsatisfactory' first half. Major rival KFC said it will open at least 200 new stores, including 35 in Shanghai, the report said. McDonald's owns 680 restaurants in China, and KFC more than 1,300.

The McChronicles has toured China McDonald's sites in the past, and is scheduling another trip soon to check things out. We plan to be in Shanghai and other cities to experience the McDonald's brand and to report on it.

We think it will be interesting to see what store designs are being implemented at this time, as well as what menu items are offered. Of course, there is always the usual McChronicles focus on Quality, Cleanliness, and Service.

Let us know what else we can report on that would be interesting to you.

Photo Source: BBC website, AP Photo


Jan-Willem said...

perhaps a visit to the newly opened Burger King in Shanghai ;-)

McChronicles said...

Great idea. The McChronicles will be sending a team there soon.

jan-willem said...

Would love it if you could get some pictures and/or customer feedback

McChronicles said...

The McChronicles is planning on recording our own observations, customer interviews, and staff interviews. Stay tuned - and thanks for the great comments.