Friday, January 05, 2007

Presentation Counts

If it happened only once it would be easy to overlook.

When it happens repeatedly it is perceived to be OK with McDonald's. In fact, after enough repetition, it IS the product.

In this case The McChronicles has received another sandwich (Filet-O-Fish this time) packaged in a greasy, smeared cardboard clamshell. The fingerprints are particularly appetizing.

Assuming that presentation matters, we'd like to see this completely eliminated. It's so wrong, and it conjures up bad images. In fact, it kind of falls into place with the constant drumbeat of (often unfair) attacks on McDonald's. Kind of like throwing grease on the fire. It reminds us of:

Hey, WE didn't start this. The people who handed us the fist-full of grease started it.

After so many repeat performances, we imagine that some people hold it in their hearts that a McDonald's sandwich IS food within a smeared, greasy box that you really don't even want to hold in your hands. That's called "brand". Is it the brand that McDonald's has worked so hard to avoid? Yup.

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Image: A grossed-out McChronicles.


Anonymous said...

I noticed they only stickered the box instead of including the grill slip as okay ive been working at McDonalds to long.....

Agreed that box was nasty and if it were me id ask for a new one(if enough people do that then eventually there gonna get the point.)

Muddy said...


Anonymous said...

I ordered a special "grill" sandwich, and the grill ticket clearly said "plain", and was attacked with a "double-checked for accuracy" sticker, and yet the sandwich was covered with mayo and lettuce. I didn't get a sorry when I took it back in...and that manager who called about it later NEVER sent me the free food certificate. Now I'm unhappy...


The way somethings looks matters a lot.