Wednesday, January 10, 2007


McDonald's subscribes to the QSCV motto: Quality, Service, Cleanliness, and Value. In fact, that's what we, as consumers, have been sold for years. So why do we rarely ever receive the entire package?

Right before New Years The McChronicles dropped into a local McDonald's that was offering Egg Nog shakes on their sign.

Problem #1: The reason we were doing this is that a friend was complaining that, in spite of the promotions for the Egg Nog shake, he had received a slew of excuses from various McDonald's in the region as to why they didn't have them. He actually began dropping into every McDonald's he passed, trying to get this product. On our travels we noticed a store-specific sign, so we took our friend there for the shake. This store had them - and they were awesome! Excuses instead of product is bad service.

Problem #2: We arrived in the evening. The drive-thru was slow, and there was one other small group eating at a table. The place was empty. The dining room was just short of a shambles. Dirty floor, newspapers and debris on tables, the condiment area all messy, garbage overflowing. This is poor cleanliness.

Sadly, this seems to be getting more and more common.

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Image: The McChronicles.


Glenn (Customer Service Experience) Ross said...

You make good a good point. I wonder if Corporate is serious about holding franchises to high standards built around their QSCV values.

fryguy8167 said...

QSC&V is the backbone to McDonalds in every way. I don't think people understand the changes McDonalds is going through. Competitors knocking down the door for the breakfast market, sales increases faster than hiring and training can occur,(the average mcdonalds will do 3 million dollars a year in the next decade) and variety and constant changing menu. Also customers demand more and more every day. Not so many years ago orders were taken face to face at window in the drive thru. Fast, friendly, and quality always existed just not at levels like this. If ross is saying that mcopco stores are better at this than owner/operator stores that is incorrect. In fact most of the top preforming stores are owner/operators. Menu selection is not qsc&v. Variety is determined by region and demographics of demand not commercials or coupons. Promotions and items carried can depend on participation hence the famous words "at participating stores" Quality, Service, and Cleanliness = Value not menu selection.

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