Thursday, September 28, 2006

Chengdu McDonald's Interview

The McChronicles interviewed another McDonald's manager recently. This time we were in Chengdu, China - on Wen Wu Lu (Wen Wu Road) and were lucky enough to meet Duty manager Miss Zhong Xiao Li.

Right off the bat we knew this interview was going to be a bit different. Miss Zhong started out interviewing us! She was curious as to how we had become such McD fans, why we cared enough to spend time with her, what we thought of her store, etc. We LOVED sharing our story with her.

"We treat kids with respect and learn to serve them better."
Zhong Xiao Li

With her curiousity satisfied, Miss Zhong told us she has been a manager for 1 year and has worked at McDonald's for over 5 years. Her store, in Chengdu, sports a nautical, undersea, theme and is typical in most ways. All of the following responses were translated, and The McChronicles takes full responsibility for any errors in the translation.

McChronicles: How has your 5 years at McDonald's helped you as a manager?
Miss Zhong: My longevity with the system helps me understand my staff's challenges very well. I can help them better because I know what they are facing.

McChronicles: Describe the well-advertised "Moms Panel" program.
Miss Zhong: McDonald's tries very hard to service the family. Our Moms Panel crew members provide special service to make families happy. We help moms take care of their kids, we chat with them, make them feel comfortable. This program gives us invaluable feedback on our customers' experience. As a result, we develop special programs for families. We treat kids with respect and learn to serve them better.

McChronicles: Tell us about the McDonald's Open House program (promoted in this store).
Miss Zhong: We want parents to understand our processes and know that our products are wholesome. Parents, families, anyone is welcome to take our tour.

McChronicles: Who is your typical customer?
Miss Zhong: We serve mostly families and students.

ronicles: What is the hardest part of your job?
Miss Zhong: Hmmm? I don't enjoy working late on weekends. But, other than that, I have no problems.

McChronicles: What is the best part of your job?
Miss Zhong: The most rewarding aspect is knowing that my job is important. When I am at the restaurant I feel energized. The crew are my friends, and there is no social hierarchy here. The company is very fair with all of us. The policies are transparent and applied evenly. The company cares about each employee. This inspires me to go the extra mile.

The McChronicles was VERY impressed with Miss Zhong's positive attitude, enthusiasm, and energy.

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