Thursday, September 21, 2006


The McChronicles enjoys perusing a seemingly factual and fair website focusing on ... McDonald's. It is called McDone Media and is said to be written by, "Elke, a European girl who is fascinated by the success of McDonald's. "

Here's what you will find on McDone Media:
  • The latest news and press releases regarding McDonald's
  • Popular info (including "The Freaky Universe of McDonald's")
  • a reader poll
  • McDonald's facts (on every page)
  • more

On the site Elke says she started this website, "because I'm interested in the company, their image and products. At first I just took pictures of every McDonald's restaurant I came across, which I then posted on the internet. But I soon got this idea for a big McDonald's website that could inform everyone (whether you like the Golden Arches or not). So that's how McDone Media came to be... "

Good work, Elke. For those who are interested, your site is very informative and professional. We like it so much we're adding it to our blogroll.

The McChronicles: A blog about, not affiliated with, McDonald's.

Image: screen grab from McDone-Media

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