Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The Guardian Article

The McChronicles has received yet another mention, this time in the UK's esteemed Guardian website. The Guardian article, titled COMPANIES WAKE UP TO BLOGS' BARKING, discusses how several major corporations are addressing the activities in the blogosphere.

We were a bit confused by the section that mentioned our work - and think that the author took a cheap shot at McDonald's while misrepresenting our efforts a wee bit. Here is what they published:

"McChronicles aims to "discuss the brand experience of the world's largest fast
food chain from the customer point of view". Postings can be as bland as the
food, describing in detail the likes of a restaurant in New York state ("we
noticed an almost Victorian musical instrument theme"). A video clip shows "most
illest, futuristic sandwich ever". It isn't slavish in its support, though:
Detroit airport was apparently a disappointment."

What we don't understand:
  • if our descriptions are "detailed" and (assummedly) interesting, then they are not "bland". That's not to say that all our postings are gems. We admit to varying degrees of literary quality. It just felt like the example was the wrong one to select.
  • if a restaurant interior has a nice Victorian musical instrument theme, then it is not "bland".
  • when we deliver ours, and others', videos online, then we are not "bland".
  • SO ... why did they bring up the word "bland"? It just feels like a cheap shot at McDonald's, and it feels like we were used, to some degree, to deliver it. We cry, "MINOR FOUL!"
What we did like:
  • it was mentioned that The McChronicles is not "slavish in its support". TRUE. We aim to "chronicle the McDonald's experience from the consumers' point of view". We are not a shil for McDonald's, nor are we a self-appointed policing service, nor a hate site. We aim to be honest, fair, and professional at all times.
  • this section was very fair. And well-written:
"Then there is McChronicles, which offers detailed accounts of visits to
branches of McDonalds - recently describing a fly infestation and missing
lavatory doorknob at the Clinton, New York, outlet of the fast-food chain."

All in all, we truly appreciate the mention in the article - an article that presented both good and poor examples of how major companies are affected by their own, and by outside, blogging activities. We really appreciated the extra goodies that appeared at the end. Check them out for links to:

  • Guardian weblog links
  • A handful of online general weblog resources
  • Links to several weblog software reviews

The McChronicles: A blog about, not affiliated with, McDonald's.

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