Saturday, September 23, 2006

Cazenovia McDonald's Looks Abandoned

Apologies for these poor quality images (taken with The McChronicles' low-qual phone cam). The intent is to depict the sorry state of affairs at the Cazenovia, NY McDonald's.

Top image: an entire section of the front (main view) roof is all ripped up and torn off.

Middle image: the posters droop off the windows as if no one maintains the interior.

Bottom image: the landscaping is so overgrown that it looks like no one has cared for it in a year.

So, is the Cazenovia,NY McDonald's abandoned? Nope, it is just so poorly cared for that it is an embarrassment.

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Images: The McChronicles (sorry about the quality).


Anonymous said...

Wasn't this McDonalds situated next to a farm? If so, I remember sitting out in an adjacent gravel parking lot where there were picnic tables and a flock of chickens surrounded my terrier. He had never seen a chicken before and I wasn't about to see how they would mix it up, so I put him up on top of the seat. This happened circa 1993

McChronicles said...

There are farm fields around this store. You just may be right. Thanks!