Saturday, July 09, 2005

South Utica, NY Delivers On The Promise

Line Wait: 45 seconds
Order Wait (one hamburger, small Coke): 45 seconds
Cleanliness: Good
Service: Good (a bit impersonal)
Quality: Good
Time: 1PM

A quick visit to the Genesee St. South Utica restaurant offered some great experiences on the day before Utica's biggest event, The Boilermaker. The store looked super (it offers a spacious, open view of the nicely-treed intersection of Genesee St. and the Memorial Parkway, right on the route of the continent's largest 15k race).

During this visit we were treated to good fast food, and we also got to enjoy one of life's most beautiful moments. We witnessed a mom and her two kids enjoying a relaxed lunch as they sat, face-to-face, with a huge fish tank. Not only did the kids (guessing ages were 9 & 7) enjoy the bar stools and the fish (remember how cool this was when you were a kid?), the mom really seemed to find some inner peace and satisfaction. She had a great time with her children and she flashed a very contented smile several times as she watched both the kids and the fish.

That's what it is all about! She deserved (and got) a break today, she got change back in her pocket, the kids eagerly opened their Happy Meals, they all had a brief vacation from life's realities. The McDonald's brand was bolstered today for this family, and for the McChronicles team that was blessed to observe this special moment.

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