Sunday, July 17, 2005

McDonald's Rules The Blogosphere

Market research company Umbria Communications has released results from a recent study. One major point stands out: 41% of all fast-food mentions in over 10 million blogs mention McDonald's. This is more than twice as many as the #2-mentioned fast food purveyor mentioned. CMO Magazine's website provides a little data from this report (chart copyright Umbria Communications).

It is clear that people (especially bloggers) are tuned in to McDonald's. The McChronicles feels that it is due to their #1 position in the industry and because people expect so much from them. McDonald's has built an awesome brand, one that so many subscribe to. Their performance is now PERSONAL in so many ways.

The McChronicles genuinely hopes that McDonald's upholds the awesome brand they've created and delivers billions and billions of positive experiences for investors and for customers.


Anonymous said...

not to mention that the golden arches are probably the most recognized symbol of the century *LOL*
Do they know in what context the word was used? because saying "I went to wendy's" is different to talking about the ffchain. and "macca's" or "mcdonald's"?

McChronicles said...

Excellent point. The McChronicles does NOT know if the study went to the lengths required to discern thoe points.

Matt Galloway said...

This is an excellent point. Umbria's claim to fame is that they use natural language processing techniques to discern not only the context but also the content (positive or negative mention for example) and the demographics (age, gender, region) of the speaker from language usage. The CMO Brand Meter feature, however, fails to mention any of the details of the study so it's difficult to ascertain and meaningful information from this graph (although I beleive the study was of Generation-Y bloggers - as determined from their writing style).

All this begs a bigger question: Can Umbria actual do what they claim? I've taken a stab at this question on my blog.


P.S. I love this blog! I think I'll mention it soon.