Friday, July 15, 2005

Not Pretty By The Bay

A McChronicles mission sampled the atmosphere in a San Francisco McDonald's this week. What was found was really irksome. While the store was well posted as being in the midst of a renovation, it was still a dump. Unrelated to the wallpaper upgrade was the overflowing garbage, cleaning equipment, and a stack of food supplies sitting out in the open, blocking the stairs , for the entire duration of the visit.

Part of any dining experience is the ambiance. This McDonald's offered hardcore reminders of the seamy underside of any restaurant and put a wet blanket on a much-anticipated meal.


Jan-Willem said...

Is it even allowed to have food standing next to a garbitch can?

McChronicles said...

That’s a great point. We don’t know the law.

We do know that watching a disgruntled worker drag food, napkins, and other stuff across the floor, onto a hand-cart, and up flights of stairs is really an ugly sight. This McDonald’s really turned our team off.

It seems that some owners think that all that matters is their own personal situation. The McChronicles wishes they’d see the customers’ experiences – after all – the customers are the main point.

Great comment. Thanks.

Jan-Willem said...

Obviously I can only talk based on my own BK experience but a situation like this would be considered a critical food safety violation in any audit. A trash can that is so full that the lid no longer closes would also cost points in an audit.