Sunday, April 03, 2005

Store Address: West Butler Rd., Mauldin SC
Time: 1:00 PM
Outside Appearance: Overall very good - "The store was recently Re-Imaged" per the manager on duty.
Service Time: 1 minute 20 Sec
Stated Order: A number 3 and Fish Fillet sandwich
Order Filled: A number 3 and Fish Fillet sandwich
Quality: fresh, hot and appetizing.
Cleanliness: Immaculate, no unsightly trash or brooms out.

Service time was very good at less than 2 minutes. The manager who waited on us was friendly, professional and efficient.

The sandwiches were served up in attractive cardboard boxes made of recycled paper products. There was also an ecology-minded message printed on each box reminding the consumer not to litter. Another box crushing of the enclosed contents.

The store had just been "re imaged" in December according to the manager. The new style was contemporary with very nice tiled floor and counters, granite-type counter tops, a tray-style ceiling over the main dining area, and upscale booths and tables/chairs.

Now down south.... this is called "livin' in high cotton!"

The Play area was also nicely done with a circus mural painted on 1 wall and a bench with a life-size Ronald McDonald seated, just waiting for some little tyke to drop in his lap for a photo op.

Overall Customer Rating: Fantastic

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