Saturday, April 02, 2005

Obvious Pride & Commitment

A McChronicles team hit the New Hartford McDonald's at 1:30PM yesterday just as two waves of school bus action was subsiding. A Clinton HS bus was filling up and departing, and some kindergarten party was just winding down inside the dining room. Needless to say, the crew was stressed and the place was messed up a bit.

The New Hartford crew was just awesome. Our order was taken politely and quickly. And it was obvious that the crew (every single person observed - counter, cooking, dining room) really cared about doing a great job. Even as 50 kids wrapped up their ravaging of the store, the crew was still smiling (even joking). The cleaning girl sprang into action, the floor got mopped, the papers were disposed of, and the condiments were refilled. The counter people were great, and the cooks were laughing while they kept up with the new orders.

There were sales stats for the store posted on a whiteboard - with a call to maintain a focus on QSC (quality, service, cleanliness).

Speaking for all customers - we truly appreciate the New Hartford store's experience. Great job.

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