Thursday, January 03, 2008

Flying Fry Ad

McDonald's has released a new ad, called Flying Fry, in specific US markets, aimed at Hispanic youth, "Lateens".

According to an email from Tremor Media:

"The campaign, which debuted Jan. 1 in 16 markets across the U.S., also includes
radio and rich media banner ads. "
The McChronicles' first reaction to the ad was that it doesn't seem to have any particular "Lateen" uniqueness to it (admittedly, The McChronicles is pretty clueless on the topic, so the signals may have been missed). We then settled with thinking, "Kind of cool". But, slowly, we got the feeling we'd seen it all before. Then it hit us, "Showdown" from 1993. This ad reminds us strongly of Michael Jordan and Larry Bird making their wild cross-town shots with a basketball. Replace our stars with two kids, the ball with a french fry, the hoop with a mouth, ... and you are an advertising genius, we guess. Hey, maybe one of these kids will parlay this into a Hanes underwear ad contract!

Deeper reaction:
  • The MAIN thing McDonald's gets grilled for is health issues. The PRIME offender is the french fry (still not removed the trans fats???).
  • The product they're advertising? French Fries!!! And they're targeting an audience who is struggling with reducing fat in their diet!!!
Who thought this was a better idea than an ad featuring how buying a salad at McDonald's helps the local Ronald McDonald House?

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