Sunday, January 27, 2008

Big Mac: Inside THe McDonald's Empire (repeat)

CNBC (American channel) is running this old show again. The McChronicles posted about it when we first saw it this summer.

We would like to repeat this sentiment:

It bothers us that most anti-McDonald's people point out that certain McDonald's items aren't high-quality foods while:

  • ignoring the fact that some McDonald's offerings are, in fact, excellent choices
  • failing to mention that EVERY mainstream grocery store also offers items which are not high-quality foods
We all know that the critics are blind to these issues since it does little to suit their purposes or gain them their 15 minutes of fame.

Be sure to check out the show's special detailed website which offers:

  • program highlights
  • a video gallery
  • background on the show host
We would love to know what you thought of the CNBC McDonald's special report. Please comment.

The McChronicles couldn't find a show replay schedule on the CNBC website.

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Image: CNBC website


Anonymous said...

couldn't find a contact, but i thought you might be interested in this.


Our site just developed an application that I thought you might be interested in.

The first app shows the density of McDonalds at your current zip code and compares that with your state avg and the national avg.

This second app compares the density of McDonalds Vs. Starbucks locations. Since McDonalds just recently announced that they are going to start serving gourmet coffee this app can show you how the two companies compare in any given area.

McChronicles said...

CNBC sent the McChronicles the following information:

"Big Mac: Inside The McDonald's Empire" is now available on DVD at You can also visit for information on the documentary.

mckroes said...

Can't seem to buy the DVD because I do not live in the US :(.

Anonymous said...

yes, it is interesting about the health issues it poses, but McDonalds is who they are today, thank's to these burgers. They are keeping to the basics that made them successful. In fact, some companies have changed, and have failed due to their changes. As for the "Super size me" video, how can that truly be true. In fact, search for the videos "Me & Mickey D" and proves that with some effort, you can still eat at McDonald's and still lose weight.


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