Wednesday, January 09, 2008

McDonald's: Perfect Time To REEBOK Burger King

Nike Shox RULED the athletic shoe (sneaker, trainer) world.

Somewhere, off in the distance, Reebok and their man, Terry Tate, were busy selling their shoes.

Nike did it again, another awesome commercial, featuring a streaker at a football (soccer) match. The ad was simply fantastic, mesmerising. Some said it was unbeatable.

In one week, Reebok answered with one of the most memorable ads ever. Terry Tate REEBOKED Nike. AWESOME!

Fast forward to today's Burger King Whopper Freakout. The McChronicles must admit, it is an awesome concept and ad. Here is the 7-minute Whopper Freakout backstory. Here is the 30-second Whopper Freakout commercial.

With tons of time to react, and with the Super Bowl looming, it is the perfect situation for McDonald's to "REEBOK" Burger King.

Come on McDonald's! Do it for your fans.

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Burger king is not bad.