Thursday, April 27, 2006

The McDonald's You Don't Know

Squidoo is a website that allows people to make "their own "lenses" on their favorite stuff and ideas". One of the coolest "lenses" is about, you guessed it, McDonald's!

This lens, called The McDonald's You Don't Know, is written by Steve Wilson, McDonald's Senior Director of Web Communications. He introduces the site as follows:

"The golden arches are a global icon and a familiar part of many local landscapes. Most of us have frequented more than a few of the restaurants during our lifetime and with 1.5 million working for brand McDonald's, many of us have worked there too. So it easy to believe that we know all there is to know about McDonald's but that would be just scratching the surface. This lens is dedicated to presenting a comprehensive, positive perspective. It is a work in progress..."

The McChronicles has communicated with Steve (briefly) and he seems like a very good guy. His lens on McDonald's minutia is very interesting in and of itself. We spent quite a while poking around, exploring the many links, and learning some cool stuff. One interesting tidbit: "Astronaut Dr. Leroy Chiao, founder and CEO Jeff Bezos, Olympic gold medalist Carl Lewis, and many other well-known leaders started working in McDonald's restaurants. "
We were flattered to find a link to The McChronicles. Thank you for that, Steve.

This site is worth a look. Have fun.

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