Sunday, April 30, 2006

I'm Wearin' It (not)

As usual, our good friends at Fastfoodweblog have tipped us off to something exciting. Seems McDonald's nostalgia has become one of this Spring's fashion "must haves".

According to an article in Pittsburgh's, "One of the hippest designs showing up on must-have fashion lists for spring doesn't come from Prada or Marc Jacobs. Instead, it is a line of vintage T-shirts emblazoned with a McDonald's logo."

Well, The McChronicles was down with that until we read a bit further and learned that we'd all have to cough up US$55 per shirt. No way!

Of course, we learned that the target audience is high-income, fashion-conscious hipsters (not our crowd). The article quoted Mary Dillon, McDonald's global chief marketing officer, as saying, "It's just trying to find more-authentic ways to connect with this crowd".

A similar article appeared in the Wall Street Journal online. We grabbed this image from their site.

The McChronicles would love to see some retro McDonald's shirts available to the company's core market - people who spend significantly less than $55 on a t-shirt. We'd love that.

UPDATE: After a little online research, The McChronicles uncovered these online options for scoring a McDonald's t-shirt on the cheap:

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Image: The Wall Street Journal online website.

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