Sunday, April 09, 2006

The McChronicles Meets Its Waterloo

The Waterloo, NY McDonald's (store #3481) offers up a convenient, clean, and festive environment in which to eat. Additionally, it features a huge, outdoor Play Place. Parents and kids will really dig that.

Unfortunately, The McChronicles recent visit to this store didn't go too well. Here's why:
  • Issue #1: We enquired as to the differences between the three salads. The crew person didn't know or couldn't articulate them. The manager, when asked to join in, did a great job of describing the differences.
  • Issue #2: The salad and a Big Mac took several minutes to be delivered. We didn't time this experience (and we know that it always seems longer than the actual time turns out to be), but it seemed to take about 5 minutes. The crew was even complaining to the grill people about it.

When it all arrived the food tasted great, and was prepared perfectly.

This store features the previously-mentioned outdoor Play Place (a curious choice for the climatically-challenged Upstate New York region) and a few large, cheerful, McDonald's-themed murals on the walls. It was fairly clean, bright, and cheerful. The large flat-panel TVs are a nice touch.

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Images: The McChronicles.

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