Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Germany's OLDEST McDonald's?

A friend of The McChronicles just visited Munich and files this report.

I believe this is Germany's oldest McDonald's. It is located on
Tegernseerland Str., Munich. I used to hang out here, smoke cigarettes, and drink Loewenbraeu bier inside. Pretty cool place.

Does anyone know if this really IS Germany's oldest McDonald's?

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Image: a friend of The McChronicles (thanks Alen).


McChronicles said...

According to this web page it IS the oldest McDonald's:

Stefan said...

Indeed it is. There is even a plate at the entrance (you can see it on my homepage at
It reads "1st German McDonald's Restaurant - Opened December 4th 1971"

McChronicles said...

Thank you, Stefan. Your information is greatly appreciated.


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