Thursday, July 27, 2006

"This Is THE BEST McDonald's I've Ever Been In"

...those were the words that were ringing in The McChronicles' ears as we toured the Cortland, NY McDonald's (store #5365).

As we approached the store the exterior seemed almost nondescript. Yes, the store has a nice outdoor "al fresco" dining area, and yes, it is tidy.

But, when we walked through the doors it was obvious that something very special happens here. First off, the place is very clean and tidy. No litter, no brooms, no mop pails, no dust pans laying around. Secondly, this place is more like a boutique ice cream shoppe than a McDonald's. As you enter, you walk right toward an ice cream/coffee station that is simply enthralling - complete with a quaint blackboard full of specials and a counter person brimming with personality.

Then, as we looked around, we noted an almost Victorian musical instrument theme. This McDonald's features numerous musical instruments hanging on the walls ... and a BABY GRAND player piano in the extremely-well appointed dining room (this place has several beautiful floral displays throughout).

Slightly confusing, but equally as elegant and impressive, is the second dining area's "original McDonald's" theme. This section features photos of behind-the-scenes shots of '60s-era McDonald's crew frying burgers, customers lining up outdoors, etc. Very interesting.

Even the rest room was beautiful!

The McChronicles interviewed a manager who shared that this store is privately-owned by a person with a strong vision and a ton of pride. We were told that the owner petitioned to corporate, got permission to execute on a vision, and created this masterpiece. Thank goodness they did.

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Images: The McChronicles.


Kevin J. said...

It is a good McDonalds indeed. But my favorites are still the one on Upper Front Street in Binghamton, NY (Always good service and the place is clean) and the one on Kaiser Avenue in Scranton, PA. That one still has the 50s-era arches (it was a walk-up only store for most of its existence, has a very retro look to it, and the staff is friendly.

Anonymous said...

best one i've been to was in Orlando Florida. It was 3 floors, and it was like a Dave&busters + McDonald's

Anonymous said...

The food itself actually tastes cleaner in other countries, Scandinavian ones so far being the best I've tasted.

George Harris said...

this McDonald's makes more money than any other McDonald's in New York state

Flip Jork said...

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