Thursday, March 16, 2006

Shamrock Shake: "Green Nectar Of The Gods"

At this time of the year we turn our thoughts to St. Patrick and all that he wrought. Especially the Shamrock Shake (via McDonald's). Interestingly, this product is not as easy to find as one might think.

A frustrated McChronicles fan had this to offer; a tribute to the sometimes elusive seasonal delight:

"I took the kids to McD tonite on the way home... I spent 3 miles convincing them that they'd love a nice green Shamrock Shake...being so close to St Patty's Day and all...I figured they just had to have them.....ummm no. .. (so I went to plan B...root beers.)

"Now...I imagine its been years since I had one myself and think that the only other shake variation I can remember even vaguely may have been some kinda banana concoction...but the Shamrock Shake ....the green nectar of the Gods.... now there was some powerful branding... So powerful in fact that I've been carrying around the subliminal seed of green milkshakes for decades waiting for the right time to pass it on to another generation.

"So I'm left wondering what happened to them? A mystery as great as what ever happened to the Grimmace's other set of arms......

"I found these links...maybe the "Smoking McChronicles" can investigate in depth:

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Anonymous said...

Hey Ronald,

Say it isn't so. Let's see, there's the Mc in McChronicles and the Golden Arches color scheme. Last I looked, the Golden Arches is more than happy to sue anybody just thinking about prefixing their product or service with the "Mc" because it was claimed that the device belonged solely to McDonald's and its brand which connoted quality, excellence, and convenience.

Hard to convince me that it is not a lame attempt by some suit to drum up WOM and buzz.


--happy to be proven wrong--

Anonymous said...

I had one in Connecticut, on St. Patrick's Day. Might vary by location, but they're still around.