Saturday, March 04, 2006


The McChronicles heard rumor of a drive-thru crew member with awesome personality. We headed to Atlanta, Georgia - to the McDonald's #8005 on Ponce deLeon in midtown. Sure enough, there she was, the woman with the warm personality and happy face.

But that wasn't all that was interesting. This store also features some unusual promo signage. Diners are encouraged to "Refresh Yourself" with Fruitopia and Powerade. This ingredient branding is rare in a McDonald's.

We were also treated to a large dose of CNN on the store's big flat panel television.
But that's not all!!! The store also offers up a kiddies game area. Wow! Something for everyone. And it's all served up with a dose of personality that is so remarkable that we simply had to make the trip.

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tuscmatt said...

Thanks for covering this store! Store 8005 is one of the busiest in the Atlanta region, and it is easy to see why.

marc said...

I have noticed a trend of the elimination of "intown" McDonald's in Atlanta, with the latest being what was the most prominently located store, on Peachtree Street in downtown. Other McDonald's that have disappeared in Atlanta in recent years includes Lenox Mall, Perimeter Mall, Cumberland Mall, Gwinnett Place Mall, Cheshire Bridge Road near Piedmont, and Midtown in the BellSouth building. Also gone in nearby malls are the McDs in Georgia Square Mall in Athens and Macon Mall. Anyone know why all of these McD's have closed?

marc said...

Oh, also two that were on the Georgia Tech campus are gone, one near their football stadium and one inside their basketball facility, which was accessible from the outside.

marc said...

And there used to be one in the CNN Center...gone!

Anonymous said...

And one by Georgia State....gone. And one across from City Hall.... gone. And one on Piedmont at Morosgo....gone!

Someone who works or lives in the heart of Downtown or Midtown Atlanta has virtually no McDonald's options.