Friday, July 11, 2008

McDonald's Olympic Champion Crew Videos

The following info was submitted to The McChronicles by Joe Curry, Supervisor, Global Web Communications, Corporate Communications, McDonald's Corporation:

For the Beijing Games, McDonald’s invited the Olympic Champion Crew to create a short video expressing their Olympic spirit in just five words. The top 25 videos have been posted to and will be displayed online for four weeks leading up to the Olympic Games where the public can vote for their favorites. The winners will be announced in Beijing.

About the Olympic Champion Crew
As the largest employer in the quick service restaurant industry, McDonald’s has a rich history of providing opportunities to the 1.6 million people they employ worldwide. The McDonald’s Olympic Champion Crew program is a unique example of the recognition, reward and opportunities the company provides its employees. For the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, 1,400 of McDonald’s best-of-the-best restaurant employees from 36 countries will travel to Beijing to serve the world’s best athletes and thousands of others at McDonald’s four new Olympic venue restaurants. While in China, the crew will experience the excitement of the Games, visit cultural sites and meet their peers from around the world.

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Image: screen grab of McDonald's Olympic Champion Crew logo.


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