Friday, July 25, 2008

HOT McNUGGETS? No Problem For This Mom

Amanda H. at the SHAMELESSLY SASSY blog is a mom on the go.

She's also a mom with a secret ... she feeds her young daughter the occasional McDonald's McNugget - in the car!

At first this doesn't seem too surprising .. until she reveals how she overcomes the "too hot" McNugget before presenting it to her backseat, strapped-in child. It is a bit surprising to learn that she jams the McNuggets into her car's AC vents!

Most surprising are the numerous comments that cropped up after she made this revealing admission. Wow! There are a lot of like-minded McNugget-cooling people out there. Who would have thought?

Though nearly ALL comments are positive and supportive, at least one person was a little sympathetic to the car.

The McChronicles: a blog about, not affiliated with, McDonald's.

Image: screen grab from shamelessly sassy blog.

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