Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Summer Of Love (40 years later)

1967 was a very special year in America. In fact, it has become known as The Summer of Love.

Back in the day it seemed that the epicenter of The Summer of Love was in San Francisco, CA - and the hippy HQ of that city was the Haight Ashbury area.

At the end of Haight Street sits a McDonald's, one which the McChronicles has perused previously. In a previous post we expressed disappointment with the store's lack of local "theme". After all, lots of McDonald's are decorated with a local flavor. This store has the PERFECT opportunity to use all sorts of psychedelic design and stuff. Alas, it is not to be.

On the 40th anniversary of The Summer of Love we checked back in only to find the store dirty and peppered with homeless/street people. After dropping in, we decided to NOT eat there. Those who know The McChronicles realize that this is rare, indeed.


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Jim said...

It's good to see the McChronicles rocking again. It was slow for a while - but now it seems you are back in full Mc-swing.

Regarding the post, I agree this particular San Fran McD is shabby at best. At least there is a cool record store just down the road!

McChronicles said...

Thank you for your kind words.

Yes - it is a sad McDonald's. And the Amoeba Records store is awesome. The McChronicles has enjoyed several visits there. Vinyl!!!

Thanks, Jim!


Excellent review