Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Death of a McDonald's

The Sangertown Square Mall McDonald's closed last week.

One of The McChronicles' hometown McDonalds disappeared. News reports indicated the reason was the inability to agree on a lease price for mall space. A great fast-food option is gone. Today the signs are down and the store front is boarded up.

Yes, there are other McDonalds in the area (in fact, another McDonalds is right acress the street from the mall). But who leaves a mall for a Coke and a burger while in the middle of shopping? It is the convenience that was so great about this store.

It is rare for a McDonalds to close - yet here we have two in a row.


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Image: the former Sangertown Square Mall McDonald's: The McChronicles


Daoming said...

I have got an interview with MacDonalds tomorrow morning.

McChronicles said...

Best of luck.

Tell us how it turned out.


A rare event.