Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Old Shanghai

The restaurant on East Nanjing Road in Shanghai, China is a typical, nondescript McDonald's. It has many of the "standard" features that we have all become accustomed to, including the faux "wood grain" tile floor.

The McChronicles dove into this haven during a particularly hot (38C, 100F) day. We needed the air conditioning as well as the icy-cold refreshment during our stroll down the pedestrian mall.

What struck our fancy was the theme. This store is adorned with several photos of Shanghai in the "old days".

If you're ever in the neighborhood, do pay this McDonald's a visit. Especially if you're in need of refuge from the intense summer heat.

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Image: The McChronicles.


Craig Maginness said...

As you know from my previous comments, I am interested in McDonalds as a benchmark for certain aspects of the challenges faced by any American business doing business abroad. I've eaten in McDonalds in quite a few foreign countries, but missed the opportunity to catch this one on my trips to Shanghai.

I'd be interested in any commentary that you can share on differnces (apart from the pictures of Old Shanghai), such as different menu offerings, eating utensils, etc. that have been adopted in order to make the experince more appealing to the local clientele.

Edith said...

Would like to visit that branch someday. Have plans for an Asian vacation and heard that cities in China are getting modernized. A lot of parts that once were full of history are being destroyed for the sake of progress. Perhaps, all they'll have will those pictures in McDonald's.