Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Heartfelt Feedback: Heartfelt Appreciation

A long-time McDonald's employee and McChronicles reader recently posted a heartfelt comment that included this statement:

"All I want you to know is any difficulties you may encounter at any store is felt ten fold on the employees. Everyone of us is underpaid and overworked. I am of the belive (sic) that nobody should be allowed to eat at a fast food resturaunt (sic) until they can prove they have worked at one as a means of supporting themselves for at least 1 month. I personally have been a McEployee (sic) to pay for rent and tuition for longer than I care to think about. So please next time you go to a store remember - we feel it worse - trust me." The full comment can be found posted below.

These heartfelt comments are so meaningful to the McChronicles team. We want to thank the writer for sharing their time, ideas, and insight. The McChronicles team LOVES McDonald's from a consumer perspective. We attempt to deliver a true, fair customer's-eye view of the experience along with customer-based comments on what we expect and hope for.

We try hard to NOT take cheap shots or to be unfair. We are all mature adults with (sometimes)advanced college degrees. We operate or manage large and small businesses or departments in businesses. We appreciate concepts like branding, customer expectations, promises, etc. (just so you know where we're coming from).

Therefore, we strongly feel that virtually all issues encountered are owned by supervision, management, and above. We've been the front-line person in life. We've had to deal with what we've been handed (from both sides). We empathize with all McDonald's crew members. The way we hear it most crew members want to be great, and want McDonald's to be great, as do the customers.

By respectfully and caringly identifying any issues and offering ways to improve (the best we can) we all are working towards a better situation. Hopefully the powers that be are listening, care, and are able to take action. Compared to taking notes during McDonald's visits, submitting reports, managing a blog (after working 50 hours per week, teaching a college class, raising kids, etc.) it would be much easier just to be rude, complain, and trash McDonald's. But we really care.

To McDonald's crew members everywhere - Thank YOU for being there, for caring, for all the hassles you take by many, many rude customers. YOU are the HERO of this story. Please know that so many customers LOVE McDonald's and are so hopeful of the promised and expected experience. Keep up the great work - we really appreciate you!

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