Sunday, May 08, 2005

Fruit & Walnut Premium Salad

According to a recent press release, "McDonald's, in a fashion inspired press event, announced today the latest addition to our company's salad portfolio as a part of our new spring line. The Fruit & Walnut Premium Salad includes premium fresh fruit: USDA #1 sliced apples and red seedless grapes, with a side of low-fat vanilla yogurt and candied Diamond® walnuts to sprinkle on top. The new Fruit & Walnut Premium Salad is part of McDonald's on-going commitment to encourage food-energy balance." So, the McChronicles checked it out. The taste is delicious, and they certainly aren't skimpy on the portions. Presentation, freshness, and flavor all rated high. The walnuts were not included and they had to be sought out. When they arrived, it was noted that they come sugar-coated. Doesn't this kind of violate the whole point? They'd be just as tasty without the sugar (and less assailable by critics). Overall - Great job McDonald's!


Mom aka (Turbo) said...

I was just wondering if you have the complete press release from this article. Hoover's online no longer has the document up. I would greatly appreciate you sending me the full document if you have.

McChronicles said...

You left no e-mail address, so we are posting the web link here for you.