Tuesday, September 15, 2009

McDonald's Goes Social with Station M

Who has experience with McDonald's new social destination, Station M?

If you do, file a comment here, please.


Liz K said...

i stumbled upon your website. i thought i'd skim and found out youre from, or near, new hartford, ny. so am i. make sure you stop at the lake george, ny mcdonalds. no one speaks good english and may screw up an order due to this reason.

mgray said...

Yeah, I'm McDonald's crew. I've played around with StationM. It's not really a new thing; it's been around for over a year. Now, I am an "Ambassador" for StationM within my restaurant. So, I do what I can to spread the word about StationM.

McChronicles said...

@mgray: THANKS! If you can, share some STationM insights with us.

Ryan said...

I'm a new McManager as some of us call ourselves and have been looking for information about the company. I stumbled upon StationM on the McD's corporate site, and have only been using it for a short time.

It is not the typical social site like myspace or facebook. You do not create a profile page with personal information and pics. It is more of a community blog with pics, news, policies, hints, tips, tricks, competitions and commentary some of it is from corporate some of it from users.

I have found it to be a great way to keep up with what other stores are doing and upcoming changes.

I'm currently working on getting my crew involved as I feel it would be a way to get them more excited about being involved with the company. Especially since it is geared towards the younger crowd and much of my crew is high-school aged.

The site has been up for a little more than a year and I believe the company is re-evaluating the effectiveness of the current site and that some changes are in store.

Anonymous said...

If McDonalds wants to sell a real burger[Angus] for real prices, you might want to try to serve them hot. Maybe a large burger is not meant to be microwaved. Hot it is great cold it has cogealed grease in it that makes it very disappointing.If you want to sell higher price meals you need to maybe sacrifice speed for quality.
I'm pretty sure some one would be willing to wait the 3 minutes it probably takes to cook it fresh.

Ryan said...

In response to this the Angus burgers should always be fresh if proper procedures are being followed. I assure that your experience is not the same with all stores. The Angus meat is of high quality and should always reflect that. We always strive to strike that balance between quality and service. I have never been afraid to ask a customer to wait while I make fresh product because not only would I not want to eat it but I certainly would never serve it!

I'm sorry your experience was poor.

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