Thursday, March 19, 2009

Snack Wrap MAC

According to QSR Magazine:

Canadians can enjoy ... for a limited time only ... the launch of the Mac Snack Wrap. The latest menu item from McDonald's combines all of the delicious toppings of a Big Mac sandwich in a handy, snack-sized tortilla.

The Mac Snack Wrap will be available at participating McDonald's restaurants in Canada, from March 17 to May 18. This new menu item combines McDonald's delicious 100 percent pure beef, Big Mac special sauce, lettuce, Cheddar and Monterey Jack cheeses, pickles, and onions on a warm flour tortilla for $1.89 plus applicable taxes.


This sandwich was apparently tested in Wisconsin last year.

Does this sound tasty to you?

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Image: The FastFood Maven


lobsterturtle said...

I live in Chicago and the SNack Wrap Macs are NOT available. I had my 3rd McGriddle of the week and saw no ads anywhere. I love Mcdonalds and I just found your blog and love it.

McChronicles said...

Thanks for the good vibes, lobsterturtle. Keep commenting so your voice is heard. We appreciate it.

Meiz said...

I'm in WI, and yeah, I saw advertising for the snack wrap Mac. Why get it as a wrap instead of getting a regular Big Mac? Seems silly.

sugarmeg said...

seriously, are they trying to cut down on carbs? why eat at McD's in the first place then?
and i can't imagine that it's any less messy to eat in the car than a regular Big Mac

Sean said...

Good day All,

For starters, I'm a fan of your blog and have been faithful to your unbiased blog since Jan 2005.

I'm in Singapore and we've just launched our version of the snack wrap, complete with Chippotle BBQ sauce, lettuce, cheddar cheese and a "Spicy" Chicken strip and it's doing SIMPLY GREAT! I'm Lovin' It.

Can't wait for the day we try out the MAC SNACK WRAP.

Ashley said...

I live in WI and have had the snack wrap mac. It's surprisingly good! Great for a burger fix when you don't want the whole big mac. I can't find the nutritional facts anywhere but it's gotta be healthier than the original big mac considering that you get a 1/2 a burger in a tortilla shell instead of 2 burgers and three buns!

steve moudry said...

I want one of these for lunch right now haha too bad im not in canada.

Anthony said...

safemeds said...

What did you said? do we can enjoy it? It's the worst food that you can find in Canada. I can't believe this post... are you sure that you are a Canadian? We don't need this kind of "food." McDonald's restaurants in Canada (what they want here?)... come on dear blogger... let's be serious here.


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