Saturday, March 21, 2009

McDonald's French Fries

The McChronicles dropped by a McDonald's for a quick and simple lunch, including a small french fries. In short, it was everything it was supposed to be:
  • fresh
  • fast
  • warm
  • flavorful
  • perfectly salted
  • cooked just long enough
  • served with a smile
Add to that the fact that the rest of the meal arrived under the same conditions, and that the dining room was neat and clean, and we were delighted.

The perfect McDonald's experience!

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Image: The McChronicles.


McChronicles said...

The McChronicles just grabbed more fries today - equally perfect!

We're on a streak here. This is four times in a row that they've been consistently excellent.

lobsterturtle said...

Slightly off topic, but I purchased a McGriddle monday morning around 10:20AM right before they switched over to the lunch menu and it was absolutely perfect. It was a shame I didn't have my digi camera with me, but it's a memory that I will cherish and share with friends and well wishers for many more weeks to come.

b90 said...

I don't like their new cooking method. It completely changes the taste of the fries. I understand this was done to make the fries healthier, but common, they're fries not apples!

Arizona Home Insurance said...

Don't shoot the messenger here but I like In N Out's fries more. They cut them freshly before frying.

arizona carpet cleaners said...

Didn't most or all of the fast food chains change the type of oil they use in order to keep the fries from going soggy before they are devoured?

Anonymous said...

McDonald's fries are really hit or miss, which is understandable since they have so many variables to deal with. But it is really nice when you get the perfect batch of fries.

rllanstraat said...

What happened to McDonalds? They used to have hot, tasty food. Now all you get is beef patties pulled from plastic drawers that have been sitting in them for who knows how long. Flavor is long gone, meat is dry and temperature is cool, not piping hot like it should be. The fries are hard, crunchy, overcooked and taste nothing like the great fries McDonalds used to serve. In fact the taste is gagging. What have you done to McDonald’s food?? I saw a commercial the other night for the Quarter Pounder with cheese. I told my wife, we used to get those and they were great, let’s have McDonalds tonight. Boy what a disappointment! This is not the first time we have been disappointed, just the most recent. In fact I used to eat the Angus burgers. I gave up on those sometime back for the same reasons. Meat from a plastic drawer is just gross and does not do the great American burger justice. Ray Kroc must be turning in his grave for what you have done to the food at McDonalds. Guess it is all about the profit. You have lost sight of good, quality, hot food. It is unfortunate that today’s generation does not know the McDonalds of old, or they too would be disappointed in what you serve today. This was our last trip to McDonalds, but unfortunately we cannot eat what you serve anymore. Thank goodness for Culvers, Steak’n Shake, Smashburger and yes, even White Castle. Now they know how to serve up a fresh hot burger and tasty fries!!

safemeds said...

Yeah the mac donald's fries are the best i like to eat them with ice cream, a few years ago mac donald's stop making shakes, they were delicious, too bad.