Friday, December 05, 2008

If you are interested in the quality of McDonald's food (everyone SHOULD be interested in the quality of the food they eat), then do spend 5 minutes at

This website offers up all sorts of info about various products. For example, The McChronicles drilled down into the chicken sandwich and was presented with a Q&A session that informed us, "First, we fry the breaded all white meat chicken strips in our Canola oil blend. While the chicken is cooking, the flour tortilla is being heated. " There are TEN pages of this stuff, just for chicken!

There was much more, and even deeper drilling available for full nutritional information.

Check it out. This stuff is important to know.

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Adina Gennn said...

No surprise that McDonald's provides such indepth information about its food. McDonald's puts a strong emphasis on quality and treats its vendors as partners all in the name of providing the best customer experience, as I learned in co-writing my book, "Everything I Know About Business I Learned at McDonald's" (McGraw-Hill).

McChronicles said...

VERY interesting, Adina. Thanks for commenting. The McChronicles may be in touch for a follow-up.

Kevin Lee said...

It's quite deceptive to show cattle grazing on grass. I really doubt the beef in my $1 mcdouble was grass-fed.

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haha I have a friend who works with mac donalds and he confirm to me the food macdonals made it's pure chiken waste, he brough me pictures and everything related, even the recipes ? know I'm a journalist of course I have to investigate all the facts before saying something.


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