Friday, December 05, 2008

Gibson, PA McDonald's

The McChronicles was in Gibson, Pennsylvania today (or were we in New Milford? - both cities are listed on the receipt). Anyway, this regular McDonald's store is right off US Interstate Highway 81 in northeast PA.

store #: 28453
city: Gibson, Pennsylvania

  • McDouble $1.00
  • Small Fries $1.00
  • Water free (in cup)

The store is handy (easy access to the interstate) and pretty "standard looking" as approached from the parking lot. As we entered, it was obvious that this store was quite clean and friendly.

Let's start with friendly. We were greeted by the smiling "Mercedes" who had several counter customers backed up (waiting for their food to arrive). Was she distressed? Rude? No! She was very pleasant. As the orders arrived she got them to all the right people and everyone was happy. Mercedes is a great counter person.

After our order was ready we turned to the condiment counter. To our surprise, the area was a wreck. It didn't make sense - since everything else was so tidy it just didn't fit.

As we took our seat, we noticed that the dining area was decorated in a very crisp, neat style. It felt very warm and inviting. Everything was tidy and clean - even the salt and pepper shakers were all lined up properly. This place was really looking good. Impressive!

As we ate we kept thinking about that messy condiment area. It was so out of place.

After a fast meal (about 5 minutes) The McChronicles headed out. We passed by the condiment area and ... well, let the picture speak for itself. Apparently we arrived immediately AFTER a messy customer. Somebody had been busy cleaning while we ate. The whole area was sparkling! It makes sense.

Great job Gibson!

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Images: The McChronicles.


Anonymous said...

That McD's you went to in Gibson is not representative of any PA McDonald's that I have been to.

I've been a lot of places other than PA, and this place is about the worst. Dirty stores, cold/old food, rude and poorly trained staff, and incorrect orders seem to be the norm.

But, this is true everywhere, though, not just McDonald's. I just love living in a place where everyone thinks they're doing you a favor by doing their job. It's depressing as hell, and it's no wonder the economy around here is so bad.

You should come visit me in Harrisburg. I'll show you what a true Pennsylvania McDonald's is like. And it isn't anything like the one you visited in Gibson.

Anonymous said...

The Gibson McDonald's is one of my favorite ones in Pennsylvania.

Frankie MacDonald said...

i seen 8 hamburger paddies and i had a big mac and a chicken sandwich before and it was great.

Frankie MacDonald said...

the french fries are very good and so is the pop at McDonalds.


Excellent great photo's.

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