Tuesday, November 18, 2008

McDonald's Supports People In Need

"... McDonald's has always had an understanding that charity is a good way to build good will. For the most part, it comports itself with dignity, very rarely discussing its charitable endeavors, most notably Ronald McDonald House."
This is a quote from Bob Garfield, advertising critic and editor-at-large with Advertising Age. More on this subject can be read in an interesting article appearing in QSR Magazine.The article goes on to cite McDonald's for promoting diversity, awarding millions in minority scholarships, sponsoring workshops to help minorities enter college, and for their Ronald McDonald House.

In this article, Cristina Alfaro, communications manager with McDonald's USA, says, "Through the collective efforts of our chapters, we've awarded $19 million in scholarship funds to 14,000 Hispanic students. We've also established a national scholarship program that awards $100,000 apiece to four Hispanic students."

This kind of goodwill makes The McChronicles want to run out and buy lunch!

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Image: QSR Magazine article.

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